Clean Energy Certificates

Clean Energy Certificates are an innovative programme that allows Abu Dhabi consumers to certify the source of their clean energy usage and empowers them in achieving their sustainability goals.

EWEC owns and sells all Clean Energy Certificates for solar and nuclear generated electricity in Abu Dhabi, supporting the UAE’s climate change goals as part of UAE Energy Strategy 2050.

How can I purchase Clean Energy Certificates?
If you would like to track and verify your clean energy consumption, please contact the EWEC Clean Energy Certificates team at:

What is a Clean Energy Certificate?
Clean Energy Certificates are tradeable digital certificates that verify the source a specific standard size of energy was generated from. The certificates are in units of 1 MW/h each. They conform to International REC Standard (I-REC) measures and are currently the only mechanism in Abu Dhabi to guarantee the consumed electricity was produced from clean electricity generation sources.

What is the International REC Standard?
The I-REC Standard is built on a list of rules, regulations and best practices set by The International REC Standard Foundation. These rules, regulations and best practices together combine to form the I-REC Code.

To learn more, please visit the International REC Standard Foundation website here:

How can Clean Energy Certificates support climate change action?
With the certificates, consumers can track and verify progress towards their environmental goals. This allows all owners the ability to track attributes of clean electricity production from its location of generation to its place of consumption, so that end-users can make reliable claims about their energy usage such as: “My business runs on 100% clean energy”.

How will Clean Energy Certificates work in Abu Dhabi?
EWEC is proud to support the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) Regulatory Policy for Clean Energy Certificates, a new strategic initiative to decarbonise Abu Dhabi’s electricity value chain. The end to end process has been designed with minimum barriers to entry.

Market Design

  • These Clean Energy Certificates are the only recognised instruments in Abu Dhabi to trace electricity from clean generation sites
  • DoE is the Accredited Issuer and EWEC is the Registrant and auction operator
  • Anyone interested in Clean Energy Certificates will be able to bid for one

Product Design

  • Two separate types of certificates will be made available for purchase during the auctions:
    • Clean Energy Certificate - Solar
    • Clean Energy Certificate - Nuclear

Selling Process

  • Quarterly auctions will take place, managed by EWEC
  • During auctions, a “Pay as Bid” mechanism will be used for efficient price discovery i.e. highest bids
  • A reserve price will be utilised to provide price support as the market develops and liquidity improves
  • Post auction, certificate owners will have the option to consume or sell certificates to other Participants

Please do not hesitate to contact us via if you have any further questions.